Terms & Conditions

General Terms & Conditions when booking Free Land Vacations Promotions

Check-In Time12:00 PM|Check-Out Time12:00 PM


RESPONSE TIME: Our agents are directed to book clients according to their travel dates, rather than the time the request is submitted. Average response time varies but can be expected within 7 business days with the exception of reservation requests that are 6 months or more in advance.

BOOKING: Normally all reservations are completed via phone and/or email. No mailing forms or sending checks needed! While there is no advance booking requirement - please bear in mind that our reservation team is available Monday - Friday form 9:00 am to 5:00 pm EST time. Depending on booking volume we may not be able to process all same day requests. When possible, a bit of notice is preferable.  

RESTRICTIONS: This is not a timeshare offer and there's no advance booking requirement. Offers can be used back to back (except Bahamas Cruise). IMPORTANT: Blackout dates depending on destination. At least one guest must be 18 or older to use any of our promotions. (Additional terms apply per offer)

BEST RATE GUARANTEE: If you find a better public rate than the one we offer for the same hotel/room/dates, we'll match the offer! Rate must be identified prior to finalizing reservations. Must be a public rate.

ERRORS & EXCEPTIONS: When sending customer quotes, we disclose the public retail rate for hotels, as well as the discounted rate the guest is offered. The retail rate we receive is pulled from hotel feeds. Occasionally a discrepancy between the retail price listed and the retail price on the hotel website will occur if the data has not been updated by the property. These errors are few and correct themselves when the feed is updated. These errors do not affect the quote or guest price - it is only an error in reflecting what may be the true current retail rate for the property.  

CAN I REQUEST A PARTICULAR HOTEL? Guests may request a particular property, but should be advised that not every property offers wholesale rates on every date, so discounts may be limited if requesting only one property. We recommend that guests request location & date, and let our agents find the best deals!

WHEN WILL I BE CONTACTED? We book guests according to travel dates as a general rule. If you submit a request for January, but your travel date is not until June - it may be several weeks before you get a quote depending on our volume. If you need to finalize sooner, you can escalate your booking request via email.

WHAT HOTELS ARE OFFERED? As a wholesaler, we have plenty of top name inventory. Guests will be given multiple hotels to choose from when finalizing - we do not assign hotels and guests must approve details before we finalize reservations. Some hotel names: Ramada, Wyndham, Hyatt, Sandals, Best Western, Hilton, Beaches, Double Tree, Sheraton, Riu, Marriott, Hampton Inn, Melia, many more!

CHOOSING LOCATIONS: Offers are good for any city, on any date. This does not mean that the lowest fees apply when requesting a specific area within a city. If a customer requests details that mean higher than average fees, this will also mean their savings will be much higher than average!

Example 1: Hotel stay in Los Angeles for 4 Guests. Two beds preferred. = Avg fees. (Average savings.)
Example 2: Hotel stay in Beverly Hills for 4 Guests. Must be a full suite on Wilshire Blvd. = Higher than avg fees. (Higher than average savings!)

Similarly, requesting a location such as "downtown" or "beachfront" will also affect fees. We CAN book any location - but guests should balance expectations of fees to the area they are requesting. Some example prime destinations are San Francisco, New York, Boston, Chicago and other metropolitan areas. (Not a full list)

WHAT DOES AN ALL INCLUSIVE RESORT INCLUDE? An all inclusive resort includes your accommodations, and all your food and drinks. This means breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snacks. It also includes alcohol. Cocktails, beer, wine and more. All inclusive resorts also include services such as 24 hour room service, beach side massage (generally at an additional price), entertainment, night clubs, dances, shows, tv and movies, and many more services. (Fun fact: Menus with no prices are the best!)